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When I clone the human being it will want to hold my hand

Or, the tale of how I seduced the world.

4 November
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She walked out of her house and looked around
At all the gardens that looked back at her house
(Like all the faces that quiz when you smile...)

And he was standing at the corner
Where the road turned dark a part of shiny wet
Like blood the rain fell black down on the street

And kissed his feet she fell
Her head an inch away from heaven and her face pressed tight
And all around the night sang out Like cockatoos

"There are a thousand things" he said "I'll never say those things to you again"
And turning on his heel he left a trace of bubbles bleeding in his stead

And in her head a picture of a boy who left her lonely in the rain
(And all around the night sang out like cockatoos)
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